Jap Drag Series
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Jap Drag Series

Welcome to the Jap Drag Series, a multi round championship drag series for Japanese cars.


Jap Drag Series - Rounds

There are five rounds of the Jap Drag Series scheduled in 2017, all at Santa Pod raceway.

Event Date Event Website
The Fast Show spacer The Fast Show
Sun 2nd April 2017 TheFastShow.com
The Fast Show spacer Big Bang
Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd April 2017 Big-Bang.co.uk
The Fast Show spacer JapShow
Sun 9th July 2017 JapShow.com
The Fast Show spacer USC
Sat 5th & Sun 6th August 2017 UltimateStreetCar.co.uk
The Fast Show spacer JapShow Finale
Sun 1st October 2017 JapShowFinale.com

For full details of events that hold Jap Drag Series rounds please visit the relevant website.


Jap Drag Series WebTV Show - Round 5 JapShow Finale 2015


About theJap Drag Series

A history lesson: The Jap Drag Series has evolved from the first Jap Drag Series which ran in 2007, which was born from the Pro Shootout events that ran at the JapShow events. These in turn were born from an argument that started at the very first Japanese Performance show, way back in October 2003, where two big on-track rivals were running head-to-head to win the Run What Ya Brung competition. One ran fractionally quicker than the other, but detonated his engine, and it was clear this rivalry was no longer “Run What Ya Brung” but a serious competition between racers.

David Rob mark

The Jap Drag Series takes things to the level of true drag racing with Japanese Cars, and it’s no longer good enough to just turn up, run one decent time and go home with a trophy. Real drag racing is about being quick on the lights, having reliable power and consistent speed. Breaking down will not be an option, and dozing on the lights will see you lose.

In addition to providing exciting real drag racing for fans of Japanese cars, it’s also a chance to bring some safety to a potentially dangerous sport. Santa Pod has the finest safety features of any drag strip in Europe, and with terminal speeds of over 200 mph, it has to be safety first and safety FAST!


The Race Classes

Pro and Street will be merged into one Dial In class for 2017.


How to Enter

If you are interested in competing in the Jap Drag Series, have a look at the How To Enter page first then you can download the Jap Drag Series rulebook from the Rules page, where you will find information on what is needed to make you and your car eligible to compete.