Jap Drag Series
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Jap Drag Racing History & Records

The Millers Oils Jap Drag Series evolved from the first Pro Shootout at Jap Performance in 2004.

Rear/Four Wheel Drive History

Year Winner Runner Up
Jap Drag Series 2016
Pro Gary Gooding John Bradshaw
Street Brent Crooks Jeff Ludgate
Jap Drag Series 2015
Pro Steve Bowen Mark Moseley
Street David Greenhalgh Jeff Ludgate
Jap Drag Series 2014
Street David Greenhalgh Jeff Ludgate
Jap Drag Series 2013
Street David Greenhalgh Rob Blackshaw
Jap Drag Series 2012
Pro Leon Green John Bradshaw
Street Jeff Ludgate Rob Blackshaw
Jap Drag Series 2011
Pro John Bradshaw Leon Green
FacMod Stuart Williams Mikee Singh
Street James Willday Mark Salem
HKS Drag Series 2010
Pro Leon Green  Chris Impey
FacMod Mark Moseley Stewart Taylor
Street James Willday Malcolm Thomas
HKS Drag Series 2009
Pro Leon Green  Chris Impey
FacMod Mark Moseley Keith Carr
Street Johnny McKeon Roy Ashby
HKS Drag Series 2008
Pro John Bradshaw Steve Whittaker
Street Johnny McKeon Gary Passingham
HKS Drag Series 2007
Pro Steve Whittaker Leon Green
Street Jonny McKeon Adrian Smith
JapShow Finale 4WD/RWD Tim Webster Steve Whittaker
JapShow June 4WD/RWD Kevin Huntley Adrian Smith
JapShow Finale 4WD/RWD/FWD Gary Passingham Gulli Haldorsson
JapShow June 20054WD/RWD/FWD Dee Ireland Adrian Smith
Jap Performance 2004
4WD/RWD/FWD Andy Barnes Ron Kidell

Santa Pod Japanese Car Quarter Mile Records

The boundaries of Drag Racing with Japanese cars are being pushed back year on year.

All records stated are backed-up to within 1% at the same event in accordance with MSA regulations.

Record Driver Car Time / Speed Event
Four Wheel Drive ET Brent Crooks Nissan Skyline 8.253s JapShow Finale 2016
Rear Wheel Drive ET John Bradshaw 350Z 6.6351s JapShow 2012
Four Wheel Drive TS Brent Crooks Nissan Skyline 167.32mph JapShow Finale 2016
Rear Wheel Drive TS John Bradshaw 350Z 209.12mph JapShow 2012

Best efforts are made to keep record details up to date.