Jap Drag Series
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Santa Pod Raceway facebook


Series Links:

www.SantaPod.com - Racetrack info and other events

www.MillersOils.co.uk - Millers Oils

www.Facebook.com - Jap Drag Series Facebook Group

Event Links:

www.TheFastShow.com - The Fast Show

www.Big-Bang.co.uk - Big Bang

www.JapShow.com - JapShow

www.UltimateStreetCar.co.uk - USC

www.JapShowFinale.com - JapShow Finale

Chassis Builders and Drag Racing Safety Equipment:

Specialist advice and installation of drag racing roll cages and other safety equipment

www.webster-race-engineering.co.uk - Webster Race Engineering, Rushden

www.robinson-race-cars.co.uk - Andy Robinson Race Cars, Basingstoke

www.hauserracing.com - Hauser Race Cars, Northants

www.fgrmotorsport.co.uk - FGR Motorsport, Airfield Road near Santa Pod

Engine and Performance Specialists:


www.cplracing.co.uk - Honda Specialist

www.sumopower.com - Parts Only


www.abbeymotorsport.co.uk - Skyline Specialist

www.rktuning.com - Skyline Specialist

www.reworx.com - Mazda Rotary Specialist

www.rxmotors.co.uk - Mazda Rotary Specialist


www.ripsracing.com - Nissan Specialist